Tattooed girls

This is how tattooed girls become truly unique. They attract views, cause mixed emotions, but they always catch the attention of others.

Tattooed Girls and Their Unusual Beauty

The beauty a woman can be underlined not only with great underwear or expensive jewelry, but it also can be pointed out with an unusual tattoo. Well, even with several tattoos.

Girl Tattoos: from Simple Ones to The Most Difficult

In the world of tattoo, women have finally gained their freedom. Nowadays women just like men can make their bodies beautiful with different tattoos of any existing style.

Taboo in combining certain tattoos or in using specific tattoo styles doesn’t exist any longer. That’s why girls choose different images related to absolutely various styles like:

Even those people, who are not fond of tattoos, will definitely like quality-made, well-tattooed images.

It is not so easy for women to pick up the right tattoo because there is really a large choice of styles and designs. Some try to copy the existing motives, while others strive to create new ones.

Those girls, who decide to copy the already existing tattoo designs, don’t stay satisfied with their tattoos for a long time. While those who are lucky to get a unique image become undenied unique beauties.

Tattooed Girls Choose Color!

Nowadays more men choose dark colors, while women tend to turn to more lighter tattoo options. These might be flowers, animals, abstract images, and various graphics.

When looking at the tattooed woman, the first thing you see is the tattooed part of her body. Usually girls choose to make tattoo here:

  • On hip
  • Under breast
  • On hands
  • In décolleté area
  • On belly

Nota Bene!

The difference from tattooing women from men is that breast is covered with image from the bottom, not from the top. The image looks like it pushes breast up, not undercovers it. Hand tattoos can be very different: from small writings to a whole tattoo sleeve.

From a man’s point of view, hip tattoos are considered the most intriguing ones. It is a real combination of beauty and elegance. Such a tattoo will underline the elasticity of woman’s body, moreover, it will be fascinatingly seen underneath lingerie.

One of the biggest advantages of feminine body in the tattoo world is that it’s gorgeous and master can make it even better with a brilliant tattoo design.

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