The Tattoo Realism that people liked the most

The Tattoo Realism that people liked the most


Gallery on this page demonstrates realistic tattoos. The main feature which characterizes these tattoos is that they look extremely true and real. Sometimes it is difficult to believe that it’s just a picture on skin.

Tattoo Realism: Photos of the Best Works of Leading Masters

These masterpieces confirm again and again that tattoo has already become a specific type of modern art.

History of Style

Tattoo realism as a specific art style appeared approximately in the XIXth century. One of the most spread legends, which seems to be true, says that the style was born thanks to the efforts of one professor.

According to the story, professor studied tattoos and during his life he made a huge collection of various tattoos with images of famous people like:

  • Napoleon
  • Bismarck
  • Many others

A bit later, an interesting tendency started to spread among tattoo masters. They made tattoos on the body of people which were similar with these portraits or resembled specific objects. Sometimes it seemed that a real person was looking from the human body, and it was not a tattoo, it was something real and even alive.

Tattoo Realism as the Highest Level of Professionalism

Master has to obtain specific skills and high level of professionalism in order to deal with this type of tattoo design. And it is not surprising, as this technique requires a very detailed and even particular way of representing the image. Even a small wrong dot can awfully affect the whole perception of the tattooed portrait.

Nota bene!

This technique is considered to be one of the most complicated among the others and it is absolutely relevant statement. Besides that, the process of drawing requires a lot of time. That’s why such tattoos as usual have significant cost.

In addition, there are several other difficulties. For example, it is not a problem to make a sketch, however, when working with this sketch on the skin, there might occur several difficulties. One of them is connected with the structure of human skin, which differs from a list of paper at least in having specific texture and roughness. Also, realistic tattoos are mainly large because the big scale helps to show all peculiar details in a very precise manner which is one of the main features of realism.

If we need to name thematic of these images, the most popular should be the following:

  • Portraits of famous people
  • Portraits of close people
  • Characters of films, books, computer games
  • And others

Besides that, such pictures as space, animals, plants, landscapes are popular as well. For example, the cat owners can make a tattoo of their favorite pet on their shoulder.

Generally speaking, there are no borders in terms of this style. It is important to have a master who has the necessary qualifications and who can work with realistic tattoo design.

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