Under Breast Tattoo

Under Breast Tattoo

Among numerous tattoos made on woman’s body, the under breast tattoos should be paid special attention. They are characterized with originality of design, special elegance, and undeniable sexuality. If you like under breast tattoo, our great collection of photos will help you to understand what exact type of design will suit your body in the best way.

Under Breast Tattoos: Aesthetical Sexuality

No matter how much you like a desired under breast tattoo, you should not simply copy it. Better use the idea and with the help of your tattoo master, work on its unique realization and make personalized sketch.

Specifics of Under Breast Tattoo

As a rule, such types of tattoos are popular among girls and women who want to add additional attention to their body in general and to their image in particular, they tend to dream about making tattoo, but they don’t want to show it in public.

In special cases, women tend to make these tattoos in order to cover skin imperfections or some scars which appeared during operations.

The design of this tattoo is closely related with the character of the woman, her temperament and life values, as well as priorities. However, there are cases when women don’t want to think too much regarding the meaning of this tattoo. That’s why they choose nice simple flowers and cool ornaments, or colorful images full of details, gothic symbols, or even old Egyptian signs.

The other girls who focus on the meaning and the deep sense of tattoo, prefer various writings. Among the most popular ones are these:

  • quotes of popular people;
  • different aphorisms, especially in Latin;
  • names of close people and important dates;
  • oriental hieroglyphs.

It goes without saying, that if you want to make a tattoo in a foreign language, you should check its translation in order to avoid any troubles and mismatches.

Originality and Creativeness

The most courageous girls who want to make an under breast tattoo are guided by style known as 3D biomechanics. There are several features of this image such as:

  • big sizes;
  • 3D effect;
  • brightness.

Biomechanical tattoos basically relate to design, presenting a realistic image – as if mechanical elements are visible from under torn skin, among which might be bolts, gears, etc., interwoven with human organs.

The attractiveness of under breast tattoo can be especially intriguing because it brings some special mystery to the image of the girl. However, only a chosen person can see it, thus, getting access to the mysterious secret!

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