Girls Tattoos in Different Types and Body Parts

Tattoos can make beautiful almost any part of woman’s body. That’s a matter of fact. For example, they look pretty well on such body parts as:

  • arms;
  • wrists;
  • hips;
  • ribs, etc.

Let’s have a look at the most popular body areas for tattoo and discuss what to consider when choosing a particular sketch for any part of the body. We are sure that this information will help you to make the right choice.

Sleeve Tattoo for Women

Such epic tattoo looks undeniably effective and impressive. Of course, it should be made by experienced tattoo master. There are several types of sleeve tattoo:

  • Full sleeve: tattoo covers whole arm, from the top shoulder to the wrist;
  • Half sleeve: tattoo covers half of the arm, either from the wrist to the elbow, or from the elbow to the top shoulder;
  • Quarter sleeve: tattoo covers ¼ of the arm.
New latest and famous tattoo in 2020
Sleeve tattoo for women

The size and the location are determined individually according to personal preferences. Usually, there are no strict rules, requirements, or limitations for such tattoo type.

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Sleeve tattoo tends to consist of several designs, that might be not connected with each other. This can be result of different time periods when these tattoos were made, or they were made in different parts of the arm and later composed in one sleeve tattoo.

If you want your sleeve to be nice, colorful, and attractive, be sure to choose the right design for the tattoo, paying really a lot of attention to that. The best options for women are these:

  • flowers;
  • natural (plant) ornaments;
  • different symbols, including mysterious and magic signs.

It is important to have the synergy of style and the final design idea. However, such tattoos are pretty difficult to deal with, that’s why only skilled and experienced masters should work on this task, having enough relevant experience and a certain level of professionalism and expertise. Otherwise it is very difficult to avoid painful mistakes and unpleasant mismatches.

Wrist Tattoo: One of the Most Popular Tattoos for Women

This type of tattoo tends to be the most popular among girls, so to say, it is a real trend today. As a rule, wrist is completely open for the observation of other people, however, you can easily hide it by covering with your clothes.

Such tattoo type has a number of positive characteristics. Let’s emphasize the most important ones.

  1. The comfortable tattoo area. Your master is most likely to have no problems to deal with this tattoo.
  2. If there is a strict dress code at work, it is easy to cover with sleeve, bracelet, or watch.
  3. Small size. Such tattoos look very elegant, and they are not only nice looking, they are also very feminine and sophisticated in their mood.
  4. It is easy to make any type of tattoo on this body part, from different writings to ornaments and various designs.

The most spread is tattooing various writings on wrist, and the most popular are writings like this:

  • short phrases;
  • names of close people;
  • other names, including geographical toponyms, etc.

Other spread tattoo type is animal pictures or simple ornament in a bracelet style. It is worth mentioning such cool designs as symbols, runes, etc.

9 One of the Most Popular Tattoos for Women
One of the Most Popular Tattoos for Women

Female Tattoo on Hip

By making tattoo on your hip you can easily emphasize your personal uniqueness. It will also help to make your body attractive in some way and even more sexy. These tattoos can cover the whole hip or even the whole leg, but at the same time, they can be small and cover a very little area of the body. It is always a matter of personal preferences.

One of the most popular female tattoos on the hip is dragon tattoo.

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There are numerous variations of dragon’s image as well as the options how to locate it on the hip.

The most female designs which are tattooed on the woman’s hip are considered following:

  • garters;
  • stockings;
  • bows, etc.

It is difficult to deny that nothing can beat such a tattoo in means of true feminine sexuality.

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The attractive feature of this tattoo is that it can be easily hidden under the clothes. Well, let’s say, it can be visible only during special moments and under special conditions. Of course, in cases when this tattoo doesn’t cover the whole leg.

However, one should admit that tattoo on the hip have several disadvantages as well.

Firstly, remember that with time this tattoo will get different in its size and shape affected by weight fluctuations. One should consider that when choosing a design, it is better to pick up those tattoos that can preserve their actual look. Basically, this rule refers to a large number of small tattoos.

Secondly, another unpleasant moment of these tattoo type is the painfulness of the process itself. It relates particularly to large images and to those images that are made in the inside part of the hip.

Female Tattoo on Hip
Female Tattoo on Hip
Female Tattoo on Hip
Female Tattoo on Hip
Female Tattoo on Hip

Tattoo for Women: Side Parts and Ribs

This type of design is optimal for those who dreams about unusual beauty element on the body but feels uncomfortable to make tattoo on the visible area. Or for those who simply are forbidden to make any tattoos because of strict dress code at work.

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Making rib tattoo is a painful process. However, if you have been dreaming about this tattoo already for a long time, you can overcome this pain. What is more, there are special creams and medicines, which can provide painkilling effect.

What type of rib tattoos presented at our website to choose? We can distinguish several main tattoo styles:

  • phrases – for example, with a motivation component or having important personal significance for the girl;
  • hieroglyphs;
  • beautiful flower compositions;
  • dragons, etc.

Very good option can be laces, especially tattooed in white color. This is what we can sticking femininity.

These designs are very peculiar in terms of care. On the other hand, this feature will help you to save their natural beauty and escape the possibility of bringing infections to your body.

  1. The first 20 days after tattooing you are not allowed to go to swimming poles, saunas, open water sources.
  2. It is recommended not to wet the tattoo, however, it is important to be in line with hygiene, and in case of watering it, try to do it as less as possible.
  3. Use creams and other moisturizers and follow the instructions of your tattoo master.
  4. Do not eliminate the protective skin, which appears on the skin surface. And do not scratch the skin however itchy it might be.

Nota Bene!

If you have a slight suspicion that you have an infection, turn to doctor immediately.

Large detailed tattoos ae usually made within several steps. Be ready to visit your tattoo master several times in order to have the perfect desired tattoo. It is always worth the time!

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