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In the course of history, roses kept to stay as the source of inspiration. Not only do the flowers send out fragrance in life but also feed our spirits, inspire artists to create amazing artwork of paintings or illustrations. In the tattoo trend nowadays, rose tattoo is becoming one of the most popular flowers tattoo designs by artist. Whether you’d like to honor friendship, or show affection or admiration, a rose tattoo can express right sentiment or emotion.

What is the meaning of rose tattoo?

Throughout history, roses have acquired cultural significance in many societies. Generally, people interpret their meanings by their colors. Different colors of rose species are sending different messages. So it’s important to know their differences when you come to make a choice.

The red represents true love with passion and desire. So roses in red color can be used to convey the meaning of romantic love, respect, admiration and self-appreciation. A yellow rose, on the other hand, sends a message of appreciation and platonic love without implication of romance. A tattoo with this color may suggest the feeling of joy, happiness and express meaning of friendship or mature love.

Another popular color of rose flowers you may come across is pink color. The meaning of pink roses varies with their intensity of color. Deep pink of this flower stands for grace and elegance while light pink colors are associated with gentleness, sympathy and admiration. So a tattoo with pink roses, which normally appears on the body of woman, can be used to express these qualities.

Purple roses are rare species although they do exist in nature. Similar to its existence, a tattoo with purple shades of rose flower may be associated with enchantment and magical love. Rose in deep purple suggest a vibe of regal splendor.

Tattoo is not just replica of natural world. In this regard, although there’s no rose that grows in real black color, rose tattoos in black and white or grayscale are quite popular. Black rose may not be always associated with negative things, such as death, sadness or farewell, but evocative of fairyland, representing the meaning of deep hope and everlasting love.

Just like other subjects, tattoos with roses come out in variety of designs, which is one of popular tattoo ideas for both and men and women. If you are fascinated with its beauty, and struggling on which one is suitable for me, here is the collection of designs for your idea.

Symbolic meaning of rose in Christianity

The phrase “rose of Sharon” appears in Song of Solomon (old Testament), which is related to Jesus and symbolize perfect love of Jesus as the rose is considered to be the most perfect of all flowers. In Catholics, the rose serves as a symbol of the rosary. So a tattoo with rose and rosary expresses one’s true love and faith in Jesus Christ.

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