moon tattoo

Moon tattoo

The moon tattoo attracts people with its mystery, peace, and radiance. This is one of the few universal signs that are liked and suitable for almost everyone. A sketch of a tattoo with the image of the moon is performed both in color and in black and white, and the drawing is most often applied to the shoulder, back, or chest.

Since ancient times, people have felt the influence of the moon. This confirms the fact that it was worshipped no less than the Sun, considering it a deity. Despite the fact that the moon is the patroness of night, time, which is usually associated with dark forces, this symbol is rarely interpreted from negative sides.

In Ancient Egypt, special diaries were kept about the effects of the night star on people. As a sign of respect, the Egyptians always worshipped the moon before the Sun-worship ceremony. They even believed that there was a goddess of the moon – ISIS, whose headdress in the images resembled the horns of a cow, indicating motherhood.

Often the Egyptians depicted this symbol in the form of a cat, whose eyes resembled it.

The night star was also worshipped in Ancient India, China, Greece, and Babylon, but the Assyrians attached even more importance to it, considering the moon as the Supreme deity, because the harvest and the life of all animals and people depended on it. Her disgrace, in the opinion of the people was manifested in the thunder and lightning.

The Greeks built temples in honor of the moon, the Celts worshipped the moon goddess Morgana, the Japanese-the God Susanowo, the Mayan tribes believed that all pregnant women are under the protection of the earth’s satellite.

Predators such as owls, bats, wolves, jaguars, coyotes, leopards, and Panthers were believed to be nocturnal children who lived under the protection of the moon gods. The phase of the night star has always influenced the conduct of rituals and rites.

Meaning of the moon tattoo

The meaning of the moon tattoo is mystery, calmness, harmony. If the sun is hidden behind clouds in the image, it symbolizes mysticism.

The astrological meaning of this tattoo is maternal warmth and love, light, tenderness, and care, which will always be close to its wearer. From this point of view, the moon is a sign that the world is impermanent.

We can say that this is a symbol of the mother, who is the mistress of thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

What is depicted near the moon or against its background is of great importance.

For example, a wolf howling at the moon is a sign of loneliness, purposefulness, and often the loss of a loved one.

Often, instead of a mysterious lunar circle, a Month is depicted, which indicates the correct path, since it illuminates the way for travelers in the dark.

Despite the fact that the Moon patronizes women, its symbol is also chosen by men. The most popular places for applying such a tattoo for women are the upper back and stomach, and for the stronger sex – the shoulder. If the master is endowed with creative potential, then he will draw a sketch of the moon tattoo for you, taking into account your requirements.

Below are photos of tattoos with the image of the moon from different artists.


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