Wolf tattoo history and meaning 2020

The meaning of the wolf tattoo is similar to ancient times. The image of a wolf for each nationality carries a different semantic Association, which has always changed over time, and the image of a wolf was emphasized as something good or something bad.


The associations that the wolf symbol evoked were different for everyone. Some peoples feared him and associated him with dark forces, while others respected, worshipped and deified him. By nature, the wolf is a predatory animal, and from early times was a great competitor to male hunters. It was perceived by people as a terrible and dangerous animal that hunts sheep flocks at night, and communicates with the dark world with its luminous eyes and wild howls at the moon. However, gradually the attitude of people to the wolf began to change. Many rulers began to consider it an honor to associate themselves with the symbol of the wolf, as it will bring them wisdom and greatness. For the peoples of Eurasia and North America, the wolf became an image of the God of war and a symbol of government. In Greco-Roman mythology, the wolf is dedicated to Mars (Ares) as the personification of rage and anger, as well as Apollo. In Celtic mythology, the wolf symbolized the mysterious lunar power. For the Slavs, the wolf was a totem animal and many tribes worshipped it as a deity. During the winter period, men wrapped themselves in wolf skins and communicated with their animal ancestors, who asked for wisdom, strength, and protection from evil spirits.

Meaning of the wolf tattoo

The main values of the wolf tattoo for men are bravery, strength, fearlessness, and independence. For girls-loyalty, guardianship, loyalty. A person who does not have these qualities should not fill the image of a wolf, since it will not display his inner world.
In the tattoo world, there are a large number of images of the wolf, which carry a certain meaning.Tattoo masters can offer you many different versions of this symbol:

  • Wolf with fiery eyes – is an influential symbol in the world of black magic, many peoples associated this symbol with a werewolf.
  • Wolf among the flames-represents the awakening of the dark essence. In many ways, it means a werewolf, a demon.
  • Wolf eyes are a sign of insight and understanding. This tattoo tells everyone around you that you see everything and everyone through. You understand things much more deeply than they may seem at first glance.
  • The wolf-werewolf-depicted at the moment of transformation or already turned around, symbolizes the dark side of the personality that a person wants to understand and subdue.
  • Wolf howling at the moon-symbolizes proud loneliness, Hermitage in some way, independence from the outside world, inner strength.
  • Wolf in a jump-means readiness to achieve all goals, overcoming any obstacles.
  • The white wolf is a spectacular extraordinary person. A majestic fearless lone warrior, symbolizing the power of good.
  • Running wolf-indicates impetuosity, risk, attraction to speed, thirst for change, as well as the desire to travel and adventure.

Places for tattooing

Tattoo artists have turned the human body into a canvas for their works.Wolf tattoos can be located on various parts of the body. Men stop their choice on:

  • shoulder
  • forearm
  • Breasts
  • back
  • or a leg

Thus showing their power and relevance to this beast. However, there are tattoos on other parts of the body, such as the neck.

As for women, the most attractive places for them to apply tattoos are:

  • shoulder blade
  • lower back
  • wrist
  • forearm

It should be noted that one of the main factors when choosing the location of a tattoo is its size and scale. Larger drawings are shown on the back, smaller ones on the leg or forearm.

If the pattern is placed differently on the body, for example, the shoulder or shoulder blade, the meaning of the tattoo will be the same as on any other part of the body.

Tattoo color scheme

Most often, for color embodiment, tattoo artists use black with the addition of blue, red, green, and gray to emphasize certain details.”Cartoon” and unrealistic tattoo sketches can be made in a variety of colors (in most cases, bright), which will depend on the imagination of the master.

Tattoo for men and girls

The wolf tattoo has no gender, it is applied with the same frequency by both men and women. It all depends on the choice of pattern and color style.


Tattoos with the image of a wolf are often applied at difficult moments in life. Before applying a tattoo, you should seriously delve into all the values of the image options in order to choose the most optimal and suitable for your character. It is worth remembering the main thing that the owner of this image must be strong in life and be a leader by nature.

30+ Photos of a wolf tattoo

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